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Goalsystem Delves Update #4: Stalking Through the Dank Forest it's the Clawed Stalker

Goalsystem Delves has made it about halfway up to their target goal on Kickstarter. For more impetus to help out, they're showing off the new Clawed Stalker.

From the announcement:

Greetings delvers!

Our third SE miniature for the Kickstarter is one of two "large" size figures: the Clawed Stalker! A clawed stalker is the result of a druid giving completely into his/her atavistic nature. Over time the druid grows, its size only matched by its hatred, unleashing violence on any creature that happens to stumble into its territory. These malicious monsters have been known to track parties of adventurers for days, gleefully picking off those who stray too far from the light or the protection of their fellows.

The clawed stalker stands about 50 mm from base of foot to tip of ear and will surely intimidate any party it encounters. This figure was sculpted by Chip Mann and painted by Scott Pyle. You can get your paws on the clawed stalker figure, as well as four others (two yet to be revealed) by pledging at the $50 or $100 level, and you can get them fully painted as a part of our $300 and $500 dollar pledge packages.