Goalsystem Delves Kickstarter Update #9: Let’s Look at Caverns of Blood

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Jul 8th, 2012

Goalsystem is a little more than halfway to their funding goal with still 27 days to go in their campaign. They’ve put up another incentive for you to help them make it the rest of the way.

A fully painted Caverns of Blood 64 piece dungeon terrain set can be yours at the $250, $285, and $500 dollar backer level, but what is the set really like. Enrico and Scott discuss the Caverns of Blood set in this update video!

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  • blkdymnd

    For those that don’t RPG, are these available now or later in the unpainted version? Those look like they’d be perfect for Super Dungeon Explore

  • Cherno

    Looks like those are the normal Hirst Arts Cavern pieces that have been used for the Decent set for years. So you could just buy the unpainted pieces on eBay or whereever and glue the rooms and hallways together any way you want 🙂

    • TomasT

      Not quite the same. That dungeon looked indestructible… Glued Hirst Arts isn’t. At least not from the start.

      • Cherno

        Well, it certainly looks solid. Maybe they used a special plaster or even resin with the Hirst molds.

        • blkdymnd

          Did you even watch the video? They are recycled rubber tire tiles, like the terrain pieces war torn worlds does. Pretty much indestructible and unchippable with a good paint job. They would be great, lightweight, dungeon runner pieces.

          • Cherno

            No, I didn’t watch the video. All I’m saying is that they look exctly like the tiles Hirst Arts has for their Decent set 🙂

  • Highlander Studios

    Ok, Scott, you’re right. They’d probably work really well with my 15mm figures. The options of corridor width make them pretty versatile. The caverns would just look… well… more cavernous.

  • Indeed, Rod! 15mm fantasy battles in these caverns would make them go even farther–which gives me an idea for another video demoing just that!