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Goalsystem Delves Kickstarter Update #17: Put Up Your Dukes

Goalsystem Delves has just 5 days left and $2k to go for funding. With that, they've got another update to get you interested in their cause.

From the campaign:

Be on your guard as the fifth Goalsystem Delves SE miniature has been revealed: the half-orc monk! This pugnacious pugilist is a fantastic delving companion, combining strong offensive and defensive elements. Sculpted by Andy "Soapy" Dormer, the half-orc monk figure combines the half-orc's savage nature, with the serene discipline of the fighting monks art. You can receive the half-orc monk individually at the $12 reward level, or with four other SE miniatures as a part of our backer reward packages at the $50, $85, and $100. You can also get him painted and ready to wreak havoc on the table as a part of our $300 backer reward package!