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Goalsystem Delves Kickstarter Update #14: Chapter 1 Sample

Goalsystem Delves is closing in on one week left in their campaign. They've got a little over $3k to go to make it. To entice you, they've put up a sample of part of Chapter 1.

From the campaign:

First, and foremost, thank you to everyone who has backed us so far! All of us on the Goalsystem Delves team are inspired by your faith in our product! We're fast approaching the end date of our Kickstarter and at 70%, we just need a little more help to get over the hump. Backers, please share your support with your friends. With your help we can make it!

The Goalsystem Delves rules are currently in the layout stage, and as such, we thought it would be exciting to share a sample of the book from Chapter 1. This chapter covers the basics of Goalsystem Delves including the play area, measurement and scale, Goal Rolls, Target Numbers, and the Power of 6. We think you're gonna love it! Now get delving!