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Goalsystem Delves Kickstarter Update #12: The 4th SE Miniature Revealed: Rise of the Oni Mage

Goalsystem Delves is right at about $4k short of their goal with still 18 days left in the campaign, so plenty of time to make up the difference. To help out, they're showing off a new model, the Oni Mage.

From the announcement:

Based on Joshua Dahle's amazing illustration for the Goalsystem Delves rulebook, Four-Color Studios presents the 4th special edition miniature, the Oni Mage! Sculpter Tom Mason masterfully captures Dahle's imagery to create this imposing fantasy monster. In Goalsystem Delves the Oni Mage is a dangerous and canny foe, capable in both melee and at range with it's magical abilities. This frightening foe also features prominently in one of the three adventures featured in the Goalsystem Delves rulebook. You can receive the Oni Mage and four other SE miniatures as a part of our $50 and $100 reward levels, and you can get him fully painted as a part of our $300 and $500 reward levels!