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Go on an Odyssey with JoeK Minis

JoeK Minis is starting to post previews for their upcoming Odyssey game. First up, Hephaestus.


From the preview:

Odyssey is my (very) long term project which will hopefully become the main foundations of JoeK Minis for the forseeable future. It started as a germ of an idea about four years ago, but it was only whilst the initial sculpting work on the Troll was going on that I thought about buckling down and doing something about it!

Whilst me and my writing colleague Fet Milner are still busy working on the ever increasing background of the universe and it's characters, I think it's suffice to say that the basic premise is the idea of taking our ideas of myth, legends and religious beliefs and turning them on their head, launch them into the far, far, faaaaar distant future and see what happens with the result!