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Gnomes and Associates Board Game Up On Kickstarter

In the Marvelands, everyone gets along. Well, not really. Disputes aren't divided along creature lines. Trolls, fairies, gnomes, and goblins are just fine with one-another. No, lines are drawn between different guilds. Some are more on the up-and-up, working like a corporation. Others are a bit shadier. But each one is looking to control the vast resources found across the land. With them, they can make powerful artifacts. That's the story behind Gnomes and Associates, a new board game by Happy Games Factory up on Kickstarter.


In the game, players are in control of one of the four guilds in the land. Each one has a different makeup of races in it, giving each one a different play feel. Using their actions, they'll be looking to gain influence over various areas of the board. They do this by performing different actions such as attacking a rival, stealing goods, or constructing buildings. There's also Action cards that can throw a wrench in your opposition's works when played at just the right time.

The Kickstarter Campaign is up and running now. It's really close to its goal with still 15 days left on the clock.