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Gloom of Kilforth Expansions Up On Kickstarter

The Ancient is growing in power rapidly, and it's looking to encase the entire world of Kilforth in gloom. Only by racing against the clock and defeating the Ancient in time will the heroes be able to stave off this horrible fate. That's the story behind Gloom of Kilforth. The original run of the game sold out, and so they're looking at making another run of it. Along with that, there's 3 new expansions being added. You can check all of them out over on the game's Kickstarter page.

About the campaign:

Funded in under 4 hours on Kickstarter with over 20 Stretch Goals smashed already, the ‘Gloom of Kilforth Expansions’ Kickstarter campaign is the relaunch of the acclaimed Fantasy Quest Game from Hall or Nothing Productions Ltd. The game’s first printing sold out within weeks of landing in summer this year, and is now back with French and German translations as well. Whilst this is a chance for gamers who missed out the first time around to pick up a copy of the original game, there is also a tonne of expansion content for the thousands of existing owners to get their hands on too, with Pimped Up components, and a small box expansion “Encounters” which is growing in content every day, with the funding goal more than tripled already…