Gleipnir Games launches their The 8th Day Kickstarter campaign

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
Sep 28th, 2013

Gleipnir Games has launched their semi-cooperative board game of alien invasion, the 8th Day, Kickstarter campaign.


From the campaign:

The 8th Day is a semi-cooperative board game for 2-7 players set in a post alien invasion earth 60 years in the future. In the game players take control of up to 6 Marines conducting a series of missions to fight back against the Aliens. A single players takes command of the Alien commander in an attempt to stop the marines in the mission.

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  • Sounds good, but what about some of the rules? If it’s 85% done, there should be something to show off rule wise to make sure it’s the game for me.

    Really, though, it’s just a bunch of fluff for the game without much meat. Did I miss something on the KS page to help me out?


  • tankcommander

    No Varagon you’re right , I followed this on the Facebook page, thinking i have got to back this. Then when the Kickstarter commenced thought .. Err what the?

  • winter

    They updated the front page to add a link to the rulebook.