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Giochistarter To Start Accepting Payment in Installments for Crowdfunding Campaigns

Here's something that might see its way to hopefully other crowdfunding platforms. Giochistarter, an Italian crowdfunding platform, has started allowing installments for payments on campaigns. I know I've looked at a crowdfunding campaign and gone, "I wish I had the money for that right now." Well, with installment paying, more people might be able to join in on campaigns since they know they'll have a bit of time to fully pay off their tab.

“, just like all products, doesn’t just keep up with the times: our aim is to be one step ahead”, says the founder of and, Michele Quondam. “And the primary objective that our company sets itself to is to offer a service as wide and accessible as possible to all our users”.

The installments will differ depending on the specific campaign. You can check out the information on said campaign when you back it.

Obviously, no word yet on any other crowdfunding platforms taking up the idea. I'd like to see it, but I'm also not holding my breath for it.