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Giant Goblin Games announces Tanks of War: Third Reich Rising deck-building game

Giant Goblin Games announced Tanks of War: Third Reich Rising, a new deck-building/board game that they'll be launching on Kickstarter soon.

From the announcement:

Tanks of War: Third Reich Rising (TOW) is the newest game from Giant Goblin Games, makers of the hit game Storm the Castle! TOW will be launching on Kickstarter in 2 weeks!

Tanks of War is a fast playing 2-4-player WW2 deck building board game of strategy, skill and maneuver of massive tank battles on the Eastern Front designed to play in about an hour. Using new and innovative deck building and battle mechanics, TOW pits the Germans vs. the Soviet Union during the opening salvos of World War 2. Each vehicle has been painstakingly researched and then converted into game play terms to ensure maximum realism without being bogged down in game play minutia. When your fighting a T-34 with your Panzer 4, it will be based on historical technical info!

TOW is a unique combination of a board game, miniatures game (without the minis) and deck building game. The strategies are endless and the turns are tense with each shot making a difference!

TOW brings the intensity of WW2 tank battles into an easy-to-understand and play format which will delight historical buffs and casual gamers looking for deep strategy, explosive turns, and pitch battles.

Future expansions will unleash new vehicles and nations as the war progresses!

Tanks of War is coming to Kickstarter in about 2 weeks - join us for the latest news, pics, and contests.