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Ghosts of Hefei Posts 15mm Fabricant Sculpt

Ghosts of Hefei is showing off a new green of their 15mm Yakuza Fabricant model over on their Kickstarter page.

From the update:

Ghosts of Hefei has posted a preview of their latest sculpt, A 15mm Yakuza fabricant.

The Yakuza operating in Hefei eschew traditional human muscle and instead employ fabricants piloted remotely from Japan. Yakuza pilots are almost entirely teenagers enlisted temporarily to "play the game" as a fabricant pilot in Hefei.

Being a Yakuza pilot is one of the safest jobs in the Hefei underworld. They are safe in Japan for the most part (unless they cross their Yakuza bosses) and since they have not technically committed a crime in Japan, they are not a concern for the Japanese police. Old national rivalries ensure that the Japanese are reluctant to extradite their young people to face a Chinese court.

However, Yakuza fabricants are far from the perfect soldiers on the ground. Latency issues with their long-distance connection makes them slow and cumbersome at times and fabricants are not difficult to hack if they stray beyond the range of friendly hackers on the ground. To counter this weakness, Yakuza field hackers will jump into friendly fabricants and pilot them directly at critical moments during the battle.

We're doing well on this funding drive. We've been going for a little over a week and we are already 40% funded! Thank you to everyone who has backed so far and keep spreading the word