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Ghosts of Hefei at 67% with 9 days to go - Released the first special character, as created by our backer

Ghosts of Hefei is showing off their first special character for their Kickstarter campaign, who was created with the help of backers.

From the update:

Ghost of Hefei 65% Funded, 9 days to go, and has realised a new special character to support our Game

Four Colour Studios would are pleased to announce that with nine days to go, the Ghosts of Hefei Kickstarter is 65% funded. The Ghosts of Hefei team have also released our first special character for one of our backers, who had pledged at the highest level and allow him to create the idea of the character, which the Ghosts of Hefei team then expanded on with art and fiction. The character of Lo Bo Tek has been inspired by the great corrupt detectives of the past from such moves as Training Day, Heat and The Godfather.