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Ghost Train Games re-launches Alternative Civil War Kickstarter

Ghost Train Games restructured, reconfigured, recalibrated, reconbobulated, and relaunched their Alternative Civil War: 1861 Kickstarter. Go check out the new campaign for this 28mm alternate history skirmish game.


From the campaign:

This is a skirmish game of miniatures of the finest quality, cast by some of the best professionals in the industry. The game ranges from 6 to 16 models per side and the rules are easy. It has a deep tactical component, using one or two 20 sided dice to resolve every action in a single roll. An elegant system of alternating turns will keep both players on the edge, avoiding long waits while your opponent finishes his turn and creating a swift and dynamic battle.

The game incorporates the mechanism of a Tactical Impulse Pool: a limited resource that will grant you benefits such as re-rolling, gaining additional actions or activating skills. Players will need to strategize where and when to commit their resources.