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Ghost Train Games previews The IMLS for ACW: 1861

Ghost Train Games posted up a green for the Improved Mechanical Locomotive Steampack.
Looks like a fun way to spend an afternoon or to make the morning commute not so annoying.


From the preview:

Based on the genius work of Doctor Atticus Johann Weintraub, the IMLS (Improved Mechanical Locomotive Steampack) are designed and built for speed. It turns foot soldiers into a cavalry force allowing the to run as fast as a horse and jump great distances. Albeit much more expensive to field than the animals, they provide a smaller and harder to hit target to enemy fire, are more reliable as it depends only on the man and their jumping capacities provide a key element to assault enemy elevated positions and fortifications. They can only operate small firearms, such as pistols and shortened shotguns, as they need a free hand for the controls but are lethal in the short distance, closing quickly before the muskets and rifles can take tax of their range edge.