GF9 update WarCogs & WarClaws template sets

Gale Force 9 have updated their WarCogs & WarClaws template sets


From their website:

Gale Force Nine has updated the template sets for our WarCogs and WarClaws line of gaming accessories. Now each template set contains the new 10″ spray template and the famous GF9 Melee Gauge. We’ve also lowered the price of these template sets to $9.99 USD. That’s more template bling and bang for your hard-earned buck.

Also, look for our new template set, Tenacious Teal. The color of these templates complements our latest token set. They really stand out on the battlefield so your opponent will know when you’re dropping the hammer on his forces.

Don’t forget, you have until Feb 28th to send us your old 8″ spray template for a free upgrade to the new 10″ version. You may exchange your WarCogs, WarClaws and classic GF9 templates for a new 10″ spray template. Please be sure to include your legible shipping address with your old template.