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GF9 Tree of Woe released

Gale Force 9 is now selling their Tree of Woe terrain piece. Tree of Woe From their announcement:
Today, on Friday the 13th, The Tree of Woe Battlefield in a Box terrain piece we debuted last year at Gen Con is going on sale.  Later this month the highly anticipated Elf terrain sets will finally be available, next week will be a set of pillars, icon and elven rubble, the week after that, the massive 17” tall tower.     Gale Force Nine is pleased to present May’s first release in our line of Battlefield in a Box terrain sets, The Tree of Woe. Battlefield in a Box is GF9’s fantastic looking and affordable pre-painted terrain series for miniature wargaming. Each item is pre-painted and ready to go right out of the box; your tabletop battlefield will look great in no time! The sets are also designed so that ambitious modelers can embellish or even repaint the terrain to suit their needs.
Hushed whispers speak of a dark and foreboding place; an ancient tree long twisted by evil and warped by chaos. For centuries the forces of darkness have tried to harness the corruption at the heart of this vile mighty tree. Tunnels have been dug between its strong roots, the trunk has been hollowed out and turned into caverns and passageways, and malevolent structures have been built into the tree; but to no avail, the Tree of Woe will not yield its secrets. Now new armies clash to control or destroy this aged bastion of wickedness. In the end, the conflict itself may hinge on the dread influence this arcane structure has over the battlefield. Who will claim the Tree of Woe?   The Tree of Woe stands a full 9 inches above the battlefield. The base of the Tree is almost 9 inches wide and 8¼ inches long. The top of the stone tower is 5 inches tall granting a commanding view of the battlefield. The maw of the Tree is 2 inches wide and 2½ inches tall. Like most terrain pieces in the Battlefield in a Box collection, the pre-painted piece is un-flocked but the set comes with a small bag of Green Static Grass from the GF9 Hobby Scenics Range. This allows you to flock the terrain to your taste or you may wish to use a different color from the Hobby Scenics Range to match your gaming surface. The Tree of Woe has already taken root in GF9’s web store and should be sprouting up at your local game store this week! For $40 USD you can plant this dread terrain onto your own tabletop. Look for Gale Force Nine Battlefield in a Box terrain pieces in finer hobby and game shops worldwide. The Tree of Woe was sculpted by Jason Buyaki.