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GF9 releases new HeroClix Battle Maps

Gale Force 9 are now selling two new maps for WizKid's HeroClix game. The Bridge From their website:
GF9 is happy to present two new Battle Maps for WizKids HeroClix Collectable Miniature Game. Now, two of the most popular recent maps from WizKids are available in our resilient vinyl format. GF9’s Battle Maps are printed on durable vinyl and lie flat for a superior game experience. These quality gaming surfaces come rolled in a solid, plastic tube for easy storage and transport. The maps may be marked with WET-ERASE markers by players who wish to temporarily alter terrain areas or make other notes about battlefield conditions played in-game. The Bridge is a 36" x 24" Outdoor Battle Map (24 squares by 16 squares) with both hindering and elevated terrain areas sandwiched between water terrain on ether side.
The morning commute grinds to a halt as dastardly villains take control of one of the city's main bridges. Spectacular heroes arrive just in time to protect innocent bystanders from the villain’s rampage. What toll will The Bridge take on the heroes? Will this be the site of a hero’s greatest triumph or will it be remembered for a hero’s tragic loss? Airport Terminal is a 36" x 24" Indoor / Outdoor Battle Map (24 squares by 16 squares) with hindering terrain areas inside the Terminal and some blocking terrain areas outside. The Terminal also contains an area of special terrain for moving walkways. Rules for this special terrain area are printed on the map for easy reference. A day of travel takes a sinister turn as villains strike at the Airport Terminal. Are they targeting a visiting dignitary or stealing valuable cargo? Luckily, heroes arrive to thwart the villains’ evil plans and save the day. Both of these epic Battle Maps are available in your favorite game, hobby and comic book stores. You can also get these maps as well as our 3-D Power Effects at the GF9 Online Store. Gale Force Nine’s never-ending battle to provide you with the greatest accessories for HeroClix will continue as we add new barrier and terrain markers and vinyl Game Mats. Look for new accessories all year long.