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GF9 releases Mysterious Terrain Markers

Gale Force 9 have released a set of Mysterious Terrain Markers. Mysterious Terrain Markers From their announcement:
GF9 is pleased to present Mysterious Terrain Markers. Constant battle and powerful sorcery warp the very nature of the land, twisting forests and polluting waters with dread energies. Now the battlefield itself can take its toll from the combatants while they fight. With Gale Force Nine’s Mysterious Terrain Markers you can designate which of your woods and water terrain may be under effect of unnatural powers. There are two sets, one for Woods and one for Waters. Each set contains twelve (12) full color large markers to clearly identify the mysterious aspect your terrain has taken on. These oversized markers are done in the unparalleled Gale Force Nine style with bold full-color graphics. Each marker is laser cut from durable clear acrylic plastic and backed with felt to protect your gaming surface and miniatures. Look for Gale Force Nine Gaming Aids in finer hobby and game shops worldwide. These new markers and other gaming accessories are now available in the GF9 Webstore.