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GF9 releases HeroClix Green Power Barriers

Gale Force 9 have released several HeroClix Green Power Barrier accessories. Green Power Barriers From their website:
Gale Force Nine introduces Green Power Barriers for use with WizKids’ HeroClix game. Drawn from ancient cosmic forces, intergalactic heroes can generate powerful barriers hindering their foes in battle. This pack of Power 3-D Effect Markers comes with four (4) unique green, laser cut plastic markers; a brick wall, a stop sign, a vault door and an anvil to indicate the many constructs created by your favorite heroes and villains during your HeroClix conflicts. These fantastic accessories are appearing on store shelves now. You may also find them, and all of our HeroClix accessories online in the GF9 Webstore. Gale Force Nine’s never-ending battle to provide you with the greatest accessories for HeroClix will continue as we add new barrier and terrain markers and vinyl Game Mats. Look for new accessories all next year.