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GF9 Pine Wood sets are back in stock

Gale Force 9 once again have stock of their Pine Wood terrain sets. Small Pine Wood Contents 02 From their announcement:
Gale Force Nine’s popular Battlefield in a Box Small Pine Wood and Large Pine Wood sets are back in stock in the GF9 Online Store. Starting with this production run of Pine Woods, the Forest Base templates in each set are cast from the same flexible resin that GF9 uses to make River sections, Ponds and other water features. Get your Pine Wood sets before our current stock is de-forested. Gale Force Nine’s Pine Woods are perfect for breaking up your flat and dull tabletops. These pine trees are ideal for any scale of miniature combat. The flexible forest base easily marks the area of these wooded obstacles, while the pre-mounted trees can quickly be placed on the template for effect, then moved away as models navigate through the woods. Included with the pre-painted bases is a small bag of Green Static Grass allowing you can flock the terrain to match your battlefield, or you may wish to use one of GF9’s many other Hobby Scenics to blend the piece in seamlessly with your own terrain collection and models. The bases and tree stands are cast from a flexible resin to withstand the rigors of gaming and the quality hobby trees are pre-mounted onto their stands. Each of the Pine Wood sets is sensibly priced at $30 USD.
Battlefield in a Box is Gale Force Nine’s affordable and amazing terrain line for your favorite miniature battle games. Make your conflicts come to life with these high-quality pre-painted terrain pieces and tabletop accessories. Since each item is pre-painted and ready to go right out of the box, your tabletop battlefield will look great in no time. Battlefield in a Box sets are available in finer hobby and game stores worldwide and direct from the GF9 Online Store. Tree Stands and Forest Bases were sculpted by Jason Buyaki