GF9 Gen Con Sneak Peek Day3

Gale Force 9 have posted their third preview of upcoming terrain items from Gen Con 2010.

From their announcement:

Welcome to Saturday’s exclusive first look of upcoming releases for Gale Force Nine’s Battlefield in a Box series and assortment of Gaming Aids. Gen Con attendees can see these close up at the GF9 booth, number 1409. If you’re not at the show, here are some pictures of these fantastic new models and game accessories to check out.

Mysterious and beautiful Elven architecture has always been at the center of many great battles; whether it is the elves themselves defending their ancient lands or opposing forces warring to control these inscrutable structures. The models in GF9’s Elven series of terrain pieces for Battlefield in Box will be the highlight of any warzone. A stately guard tower is the centerpiece of these sets along with elven pillars, icons and ruins. All Battlefield in Box terrain pieces are pre-painted and ready to use right out of the box.

Gale Force Nine has a limited number of upcoming Dungeons & Dragons Game Accessories on sale today at our booth. Be the first to own the Paladin token set, Rogue token set and the Warlord token set as well as the Ratfang Sewers Game Mat and Jungle Temple Game Mats. The Paladin tokens and Ratfang Sewers Game Mat will be officially on sale in September while you’ll have to wait until October to purchase the Warlord and Rogue token sets and Jungle Temple Game Mat. Supplies are limited so get there early! While checking out samples of upcoming releases and picking up our great gaming accessories, hobby tools and wargames terrain, Saturday will be your last chance to enter our Dungeons & Dragon Dragon’s Horde drawing for an opportunity to win one each of our Wave 1 D&D Game Accessories, a giant Dungeon game mat and the rare and legendary Limited Edition Dungeon Master’s Gaming Screen.

Peter from GF9 also notes
We took these photos on one our games tables outside before the team left for Gen Con; there was no time to set up a “studio-style” shoot. As with our Gothic and Hall of Heroes terrain, this pieces are designed around heroic 28mm scale models. The door heights line up with such models. The balcony of the Elven Tower is wide enough to accommodate models on standard 25mm bases.

There are no firm release dates for these sets, but we are eager to get them out as soon as possible. The Battlefield in a Box series has been a huge success for us this year and we’re excited about expanding upon the range.