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GF9 Elven Pillars & Ruins released

Gale Force 9 have released their Elven Pillars & Ruins terrain pieces. Elven Pillars and Ruins From their announcement:
Gale Force Nine is pleased to present May’s second release in our line of Battlefield in a Box terrain sets, Elven Pillars & Ruins. Battlefield in a Box is GF9’s fantastic looking and affordable pre-painted terrain series for miniature wargaming. Each item is pre-painted and ready to go right out of the box; your tabletop battlefield will look great in no time! The sets are also designed so that ambitious modelers can embellish or even repaint the terrain to suit their needs. Mysterious and beautiful Elven architecture has always been at the center of many great battles; whether it is the elves themselves defending their ancient lands or opposing forces warring to control these inscrutable structures. Dotting the landscape are mystic monuments, elegant Elven Pillars and graceful Elven Plinths; both of which are usually crowned with golden Elven Icons. These artistic landmarks often sit atop a convergence of ley energies, so these structures can serve as magical waystones. But as time and battle take their toll, these beautiful pillars crumble becoming little more than obstacles on the battlefield and serving a new practical purpose for warring parties.
The pair of Elven Pillars stretch to a full 8½ inches high while the pair of companion Elven Plinths are 5¼ inches tall; both are topped by golden Elven Icons. One collapsed pillar measures five inches along its base while the other toppled pillar is 6¾ inches long. The smaller of the two fallen icons is on a base 3¾ inches long while the large icon is on a base that is almost 4½ inches long. Like most terrain pieces in the Battlefield in a Box collection the set comes with a small bag of Green Static Grass from the GF9 Hobby Scenics Range. This allows you to flock the terrain to your taste or you may wish to use a different color from the Hobby Scenics Range to match your gaming surface. You do not have to journey to far away lands to find Elven Pillars and Ruins, you can uncover these lost monuments in the GF9 Online Store and at your local game store this week! Secure these valuable relics for only $50 USD. Look for Gale Force Nine Battlefield in a Box terrain pieces in finer hobby and game shops worldwide. Elven Pillars and Ruins were sculpted by Jason Buyaki.