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Getting Started: Malifaux

Getting Started
Malifaux This article is the first in a series that examines what you need to get started in one of the many games that we report on here at Tabletop Gaming News. These are not reviews but an examination of the costs and requirements for two players to start the game with some additional commentary based on experience playing the game. These articles are intended to be written by people familiar with the game and so will have insight into the actual requirements of the games being discussed based on real gaming experience. We're also seeking feedback on what games you want to see profiled in this series as well as comments on what information you found useful and what was missing from this first article. About the game Malifaux is a skirmish game published by Wyrd Miniatures and uses their range of 32mm figures. The game uses a unique setting created by Wyrd that combines elements of westerns, horror and fantasy into a game that really is novel. In Malifaux crews of five to ten models, lead by a Master, fight against other similarly sized crews on a 3' x 3' table. Larger games, with two Masters can be fought on 4' x 4' tables. Models have a Soulstone cost ranging from 2 to 11 with an average of around 5. Masters are free and also come with a cache of Soulstones that can be used in the game to influence combat, heal wounds and other effects. A small game is 25 Soulstones and a large game is 50 Soulstones. A standard game is 35 Soulstones. Instead of using dice, Malifaux uses a deck of cards with four suits and cards with values from 1 to 13 to determine the success of actions in the game. The values of the cards are used as a replacement for dice rolls and the suits of each card (Crows, Tomes, Masks and Rams) are also used in the game as requirements for spells and some in-game effects. Bare Minimum Wyrd Miniatures sell 22 different starter sets with miniatures from the five factions (Guild, Resurrectionist, Arcanists, Neverborn and Outcasts), with each starter containing four to six figures and the stat cards required for playing. The sets are priced from $28 - $45 US with the average being about $35. The Leviticus boxed set has the highest cost ($45 US) and also the second highest model count at 7 figures. Most of the starter sets appear to be designed to be able to play a 25 Soulstone game either with the models supplied or by giving the Master more Soulstones as compensation. For example the Guild Ortega Gunslingers starter has 25 Soulstones worth of figures in the box, but the Legion of Sorrow starter for the Neverborn has 23 Soulstones of figures and can be expanded to 25 by giving the Master two more Soulstones to use in a game. Each player will need their own set of figures and at least one rulebook. Wyrd provides a free PDF of the current Malifaux rules (ZIP file) and also has a "mini" sized version of the rules available for $15.00 US. In addition to miniatures each player will need a Malifaux card deck. Technically you could use a standard card deck, and Wyrd does provide a table to match standard card suits with the suits in Malifaux, but the card decks are fairly inexpensive and make the game much easier to play. They also have some interesting and characterful art on each of the cards that helps set the proper tone for your Malifaux games. Malifaux uses a larger amount of terrain than similar games (less than Infinity but more than Warmachine) and so gamers will need access to enough terrain, especially terrain that blocks line of sight, to play the game as intended. Wyrd recommends 2-4 pieces of terrain for each square foot of table. If you are playing at a store or club this might not be an issue but if you have your own gaming set-up at home you may need to invest in some additional terrain. Out of the box Malifaux plays surprising well with just the starter sets. Most sets are close to 25 Soulstones and many of them are very beginner friendly. Some sets, like Colette Du Bois, the Dreamer, Leviticus and C. Hoffman require a better understanding of the game to get the best out of them, but with 22 starters to choose from there are a lot of options for people new to the game. Games played with starter sets tend to be well balanced as they can all be used to build forces to the same point level and provide a very good gaming experience. A 25 Soulstone game is only slightly smaller than a standard 35 Soulstone game and the starters provide a good range of models and abilities allowing players to get the full experience of the game. A 25 Soulstone game might take 90 minutes to two hours to play while you are learning the rules but since the game uses an alternating activation system both players are able to stay engaged in the game. Costs Each player will need a starter set and deck of cards. On average this should be about $45.50 US per player. The Mailifaux rules are available for $15.00 US and these aren't technically necessary for both players given that the rules are also available in PDF format. That means that two players can start playing the game for about $106 US. That will give each player four to six miniatures, stat cards, the Malifaux card deck and one printed rulebook for reference. Depending on your supply of terrain you may need to pick up some more to make sure that the game board has a suitable density of terrain. Many model train stores sell suitable Western terrain or early industrial terrain that not only works well with Malifaux but is also quite inexpensive. Malifaux requires tokens for Soulstones and for other in-game effects such as Body Counters and status. Almost anything can be used for Soulstones and there are several free PDFs available with tokens for the game. Colour printing of these PDFs will run from $5 - $10 depending on the prices at your local printers. Downloads Wyrd Miniatures provides quite a few PDF based downloads for the game from their forum. As mentioned, the Malifaux rulebook is available as a free PDF download. This is exactly the same as the print book but does have the illustrations "censored" so you won't be able to view any of the new art or the descriptive illustrations in the rules. Wyrd also have PDFs with the updated cards for all of the initial Malifaux miniatures that were released prior to their v2 update of some of the models. These are not only useful to replace any old cards you might have, but they also let you check out the stats and abilities for a significant number of the Masters and minions in the game for free. There is also an officially recognized fan-created set of downloads that have counters, Quick Reference Sheets and other game aids that you can download for free and print out. Expanding the game Expanding your crew to 35 Soulstones or higher isn't too difficult unless you are playing a Master like the Resurrectionist Nicodem who has a habit of summoning vast numbers of cheap Undead models or one of the two Gremlin Masters who rely on a weight of numbers. Getting your crew from 25 to 35 Soulstones might only require two or three figures. Wyrd's miniatures are relatively inexpensively priced with single models averaging about $9 US and three figure packs being around $18.00 US. Blisters and starter sets are all colour coded so you can make sure that the figure you intend to buy is appropriate to your faction and often one of the most inexpensive options for expanding your force is another starter set. Prices per figure average out at about $6 US with the starter sets, and staters from the same faction have models that are usable regardless of the Master you use. The Witchling Stalkers that come in the Sonnia Criid starter work just as well with the figures from the Ortega Gunslingers starter and Nicodem can just as easily use the Belles that come in Seamus' starter set. Most Masters can benefit from a model called a Totem and it is typically one of, if not the, first purchases you make when expanding your crew. The Totem has various skills but its main use is to cast one of the Master's lesser spells each turn. Factoring in the cost of the Totem you can typically expand your crew to 35 Soulstones with an additional purchase of $27 - 36 US per player.