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Get your own Mjolnir

Fate of the Norns has added in a new pledge level to their Kickstarter campaign where you can get your very own Mjolnir hammer.


From the update:


Now what Fate of the Norns Kickstarter is complete without a life sized (and weight) Thor's hammer??? We have just added our newest pledge level for our very own booth mascot Mjolnir! Initially the original block of mild steel (A30) weighed about 115lbs. It was roughly 6.5”x6.5”x10”. This solid block was forged and then laser cut to those dimensions. We removed all corners at 45° angle at 1” depth giving the beveled edges. A 2” hole was bored at 1.75” depth to insert a 20” long handle of the same diameter. 2 x 1” thick washers were soldered and contoured to make the pommel of the haft. Suede leatherwork was applied on the handle and the wrist strap with a small collar of rivets near the base of the neck. About 30 hours of grinding were done in order to give the mirror finish and another 12 hours to grind in the runes into each face. All 24 runes were manually carved. Total weight of the finished hammer is 107lbs!

This is the second Mjolnir we have created. The first was sold at Comicon Montreal. We offer these hammers with a certificate of authenticity. We won't create a third until this one finds a loving home, so each carries a special history on the Fate of the Norns convention circuit.