Get your own custom mini made

Custom Tabletop Minis has an Indiegogo campaign up and running where you can make your own custom tabletop minis (I guess it’s explained pretty well in their company name).


From the campaign:

I’m a teacher. And a gaming nerd. I teach creative writing through roleplay, by playing tabletop games with my students. They write at home to earn XP for the game. It’s a blast!

But not everyone has the same kind of imagination. To really make a character come alive, we need minis on the table. The problem is that there are only so many to choose from! What if your mage dual-wields wands? I’ve never seen THAT in a store.

So I’ve fixed that problem. I have a background in 3D modeling, and I’m custom-creating characters for 3D printing. It works! I want to bring this amazing new way to create characters to you.

Fund this project and I will offer a website where you can select a base body to work with, (or upload your own), morph it into exactly the shape you want, and pose the character with your choice of clothing and equipment. Leave the rest to us – you’ll have your custom character delivered right to your door.