Get your Bolt Action US Marines early

Warlord Games is offering a limited time early release of their Bolt Action US Marines.

Marines box art

From their announcement:

Last week we unveiled a preview of our forthcoming US Marine Corps boxed set. This will be the start of our War in the Far East range and you’ve certainly been excited about them. So much so that we’ve decided to run a very limited offer to allow you to get your hands on them early.

We won’t be releasing this boxed set until mid-November but if you pre-order the box or take advantage of our Sergeant Rock deal we’ll send them to you early.

This offer is strictly limited to orders made during the rest of October so you only have until Monday 1st November starts to get your US Marines early. We’ll start sending pre-orders out on Monday so you’ll have them in your hands well in advance of those lightweights who prefer to wait for the official release…

Don’t hang around though – the offers ends at the end of October.

And don’t forget we have free worldwide shipping until the end of the year.