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Get to Know Me Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Getting to know you. Getting to know all about you... is tough! Sometimes, you just don't know what to ask to get to know someone. Or maybe you know, but you're just too shy. Well, Get to Know Me is a new card game up on Kickstarter that'll help out. It's a set of question cards that you can ask your opponent. In the end, find out your compatibility scores and see how well you did!

From the campaign:

Get to Know Me is a card game asking Nice questions ranging from “what are your pet-peeves?” to "what’s on your bucket list?” vs. Naughty questions of “when was your last wet dream?” to “name three weird things that make you think about sex?”.

A naughty or nice deck of cards can be played individually or you can randomly mix both decks of cards. Whichever deck of cards you play, just make sure you have an even number of cards in your deck for accuracy purposes.

In these decks of cards Naughty vs. Nice you’re guaranteed to get to know your partner to a level much faster than you expected.
Whether you are just dating and too shy to ask certain questions or whether you want to put your current relations to the test. This game is designed for all levels of dating, relationships, and friendships. Being able to ask your partner a variety of these questions encourages open and honest dialogue within your relationship.
The game cards are accompanied with a unique scoring system that will, at the end of the game, allow you to find out your compatibility percent match with your player(s). Get to know your player(s) or test how well you know your player(s).
Enjoy a thought provoking, mentally stimulating game, with a stunning combination of questions and unique scoring system, that is so unique it is Copy Right Protected.
Game includes 100 question cards and instructions, all you need to understand and get to know your partner/player(s) right away.
Cards are made of durable, high quality, water resistant material so they can be used multiple times in different environments.

The Kickstarter is over its funding goal, but you've only got 2 days left to get in on the action.