Get Infected from Irrational Number Line Games

Irrational Number Line Games didn’t wash their hands enough and is now getting everyone Infected.



From the release:

Infected is a collaborative-competitive adventure for up to six players to control the scientist survivors of a savage disease outbreak on an isolated Antarctic station. The adventure is collaborative because you will have to work together if anyone is to make it to the hangar bay and safety. It is competitive because there is no way everyone will make it out. There is also a victory objective to compete with the other survivors to be the “hero” of the event in the public’s eye, rather than just a survivor.

The major obstacle to getting out is disease-infected former colleagues with a newly acquired taste for blood. These monsters are controlled by a set of behavioural rules, so you can even play the game solo. By trying to maximize hero points and minimize how infected the survivors become, there is good replay solo value as you try to beat your best performance. And in team play, there are rules for eliminated players to take over the monsters … Yeah, thanks guys. I’ll show you my, “Let Dave go in first!” now …

The .pdf comes with the following:

Complete setup for 4-5 encounters in the complex – maps, laydowns, situational rules.
QILS stats for bad guys and good guys (six scientists, and two arctic guides), plus guidelines to convert from our free QILS game to any other gaming system.
Simple A-Frame paper figures for the monsters and survivors (in case you don’t have a bunch of 28mm scientists in parkas lying around).
Modular 2D and simple to contstruct optional 3D terrain templates for everything you need to run the adventure (and they’re pretty useful for other industrial environments, too).