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Get in free at Salute with Artemis Black's

Artemis Black's is once again running their Salute entry fee discount program. From their announcement:
Once again we're pulling out our popular offer for all Salute attendees. Spend £100 or more at our stand on the day and 'Get in Free', by which we mean you'll get £10 back and a silly badge to wear. (Please note this is the cost of a Queuebuster badge, if you waited to pay until the day then technically this is a 'Get in for £1 offer :) ) We'll have with us almost everything we sell in-store including *deep breath*... Gamezone, Iron Kingdoms, Dark Age, Red Box*, MERCS, Hasslefree, Eolith**, Black Scorpion, Heresy, Malifaux, Pulp City, Avatars of War, Masquerade***, Guild of Harmony, Degra, Enigma, Dragonblood, Dragonrune, Resina Planet, Shadowforge****, Maidenhead, Warcrow, Magnificent Egos, Thunderbolt Mountain, Cold-War Zombies, Studio Zombies, Ebob, Judge Dredd, Mad Puppet, Myrmidon, CMON Limited Edition, Coat D'Arms Paints, Game Forces Magazine, Tehnolog and Amera Scenery, Procreate, RPG books, Boardgames and anything else I decide to throw in the van *whew*
Salute exclusives abound but to be honest I'm not entirely certain how many there are, so just take our word for it :) *Red Box have discontinued about 20 codes of which we have limited stock left so 'When it's Gone it's Gone'. **Eolith have closed down for the moment so everything we have will be WiGiG ***Masquerade have significantly rejigged their business so quite a lot of the codes are WiGiG ****'Lots' of single minis that are now only available in multipacks, but as above, WiGiG Big Warmachine & Hordes Blowout! Not included in the above offer are our stocks of Warmachine, Hordes and Infinity. During our closures we've lost track of which blisters and boxes have the old cards, the new cards, the b&w cards, the colour cards, the 1.0 and the 2.0 cards etc. so we're having a big blowout of all stock so we can start afresh. Our laziness is your gain as there'll be up to 40% off our stocks of these 3 lines. They aren't on the website as we don't expect to be bringing much, if any, back from the show with us at these prices! If you're wondering where to find us to grab all these lovely offers then I've left some subtle hints on the map below... Floorplan So come visit us, there may be cake!