German Zombies available from Mantic

Mantic Games are also offering the Weird WWII German Zombie pack previously announced by Warlord Games.

Zombie group

From their announcement:

Halloween is this weekend, so today sees the release of our limited edition German Zombies.

Mantic, in combination with Warlord Games, are offering this special plastic kit for Halloween this year. For those of you who saw our newsletter last week and decided to pre-order one of these fantastic kits, your orders will be shipping out today. However if you haven’t already picked up your own German Zombies, don’t worry, you can buy yours now.

This set combines the brand new Zombie sprues from Mantic with those of the Warlord plastic Germans (guns n all.), you’ll be able to make 10 (or more depending on your imagination) German Zombies. Furthermore, for all of you Zombie fanatics out there, we will also be offering the Osprey Zombie Book in a separate package as well.

For more details on these two fiendishly delightful Halloween Specials, go to the website now.