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German Unity Day Drawing From Corvus Belli

Who needs a calendar to let you know when a country around the world has an independence day or other special holiday? You can just check out Corvus Belli. They'll let you know, and will likely have a special giveaway associated with it, too. That's the case today, as they are having a German Unity Day giveaway.


As usual, there's a hashtag and a question associated with the contest. The hashtag is #MorlockGruppe, while the question is "The names of the main Morlock teams in Bakunin are the Morlock Aufstand (Rebellion) Gruppe, the Morlock Chaos Gruppe, and the Morlock Schaden (Damage) Gruppe. What do you think it is the most accurate?"

You only have today to enter, with the winner being announced tomorrow.