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GeneStorm RPG up now on Indiegogo

GeneStorm is a new sci-fi RPG that's up on Indiegogo now. The game is by Paul Kidd, who also designed the Lace & Steel RPG.



From the campaign:

GeneStorm is a new tabletop RPG, powered by the unique new "Reciprocating Engine" dice system.

The game is set in a weirdly beautiful post-apocalyptic future. This is a world of majestic vistas – of abandoned cities floating high in the sky, and overgrown ruins brimming with strange new life. Of huge spacecraft the size of cities crashed into great verdant swamps...

It is a place of terrible dangers. Of sand storms and radioactive dust, of jungles and broken lands swarming with terrible, carnivorous life. A place where gateways lead to a sinister alternative universe where the senses twist and fail, and terrible entities wait to prey upon the weak - A place of ruined, shattered civilisation. Of fallen grandeur and prowling, broken death machines.

- It is a wilderness that has given birth to astonishing new life.

Characters in GeneStorm are the descendants of survivors of the great disaster. They are strange beings made from the inter-tangled genes of all manner of plants and animals. The inheritors of the new earth are bizarre, colourful and chaotic.

It is an age of a weirdly beautiful, resurgent nature.

It is the age of the mutants.