Ganesha Games launches new website

By tgn_news_poster
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Oct 1st, 2011

Ganesha Games has launched their new website.

From their announcement:

We are launching our new site with an integrated shopping cart. Some areas of the site are still work in progress (the online warband builders will return soon! and yes, we know the welcome message is blank…). We’d appreciate comments from our customers and friends.
Please download some free product, sign up (if you bought products in the past, or plan to buy any in the future), use the contact form… your comments will be much appreciated.

As you can see, we do not sell only our products but also a selection of fine magazines (in PDF form) and other PDF games.

  • Uh, I think it’s spelled “Ganesha.”

  • tomogui

    Yes, I’ve noticed quite a few spelling mistakes in news headings since new management took over. Maybe it’s just coincidence, or maybe just getting used to a new job, but honestly it feels a bit careless.