GenCon event pre-registration opens soon

Event pre-registration for events at GenCon will open soon. From their announcement:
Event Pre-Registration – One Week and Counting The time is almost upon us. Event Pre-Registration opens on Sunday, April 11th . Here’s the opening schedule:True Dungeon tickets will go on sale at 12:00 noon (Eastern), all other event tickets will be available for purchase at 2:00 pm (Eastern). If you’ve already purchased a badge, you’re good to go. If you have been putting it off for "another time", now’s the time. Whichever is the case, be sure your RUBI account is up-to-date. Just a reminder... Gen Con Customer Service call volumes will be high during the first two weeks of April, so if you need assistance with your account or badge purchase, we won’t be able to respond right away. Best to get your account created and your badge purchased now to avoid the mad rush.
All or Nothing Ticket Purchase Option You’ve asked, and we’ve listened. For Event Registration 2010 we’ve added an all or nothing purchase option to the "Buy Tickets By Game ID" page. Last year, if all the tickets you requested for an event were not available, the system would add the remaining available tickets to your cart. This will continue to be the default behavior unless you select the ‘Only add these tickets to my cart if ALL are available’ box associated with each event on the "Buy Tickets By Game ID" page. This option will prevent the system from adding any tickets for an event to your cart unless ALL the tickets you requested are available. This option will be especially useful for getting tickets to True Dungeon events where you can purchase up to 8 tickets for yourself. If there aren’t enough tickets available, they won’t be added to your cart and therefore won’t block tickets for other events at the same time. Priority Purchases Now you can prioritize your event ticket purchases. On the "Buy Tickets By Game ID" page, simply list your events in the priority you want them purchased and RUBI will do the rest. The first slot is your first priority. It’s that simple… So be sure to get your gaming ducks in a row before Event Pre-Reg opens. Purchase tickets with you cell phone Here’s something new to sink your teeth into this year, or rather your cell phone... For the first time ever, we will be offering a new service which will allow you to purchase tickets from your cell phone. Use it during pre-registration and have your tickets shipped to you or use it at Gen Con Indy and pick them up at Will Call. We hope this will save you a lot of time - especially in selecting tickets you need on-site. Note there will be a small fee. More information about this exciting new feature will be sent in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes, ears and phone ready.