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GenCon Day 2

So Day 2 here at GenCon. Day 1 was a whirlwind of excitement. I got to meet a lot of people and have some very nice interviews that I'll work on posting up a little later this afternoon (stay tuned). For Day 2's pictures, I tweaked some camera settings as well as was able to use a different (and much better) camera, thanks to Chern. Hopefully the difference is noticeable right away. I'll continue to work on labeling the photos as best I can. There's a lot going on and sometimes it takes even me a bit to totally remember exactly what each photo is of! O,o

And yes, many of the photos are the "same" as yesterday. That is to say, same content, but hopefully better quality pictures.

Anyway, yes, more content coming soon.

GenCon Photos Day 2.