GenCon 2011 Dark Age Apocalypse video

By tgn_admin
In Dark Age
Aug 10th, 2011

Jack of All Games has posted a video, from GenCon 2011, showing an in-depth demonstration of the Dark Age Apocalypse game from Dark Age Games.

  • Word of warning: The videos are not the greatest. In my excitement and in the spur of the moment of me asking to film the demo, I completely forgot to film it correctly. I held my iPhone vertically instead of horizontally and I switch back and forth a few times because I was thinking the camera would correct for it. Wrong again.

    Lesson learned.

    I posted the videos anyway because I thought someone might still be able to get something out of them about Dark Age. Watch at your own risk. 🙂

  • Magno

    No worries. I had known about Dark Age for years, never really looked at it. I got the demo, read the books and I am very impressed with this game.

  • Repeter

    Magno, knowing you and I enjoy a few of the same games, I can definitely recommend Dark Age–brutal fun and some really flavorful minis.

  • PWTrash

    As a master of horribly made YouTube videos, I think you making the effort to give people something cool to watch should be commended.

    I did a short video after the Immortals tourney this year at GenCon, and the new faction coming out next year sounds awesome.