Gen Con streaming live from Oomba

Oomba will be at Gen Con and they can make you feel like you’re there, too. They’ll be live streaming the entire convention and using their tournament software to run several events, including an attempt to break the world record for Rock, Paper, Scissors.



From the announcement:

Oomba, Inc. is going to be at the gaming convention GenCon 2014 in August and we’re getting the word out about what we’ve got planned for the show. We will be:

1. Broadcasting the entire con live for the first time ever via and

2. Using our new tournament organizing software to run the Settlers of Catan National Championships, among other Mayfair and Cryptozoic games

3. Using that same software to make an attempt at the world record for largest tournament of Rock, Paper, Scissors ever (we’ll be doing Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock).