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Gen Con Masters Game 2012 & In Store Game Tomorrow

Leviathans, from Catalyst Game Labs, ran a huge Master's Game during GenCon. Well now they've got the rules for that out for everyone to see and try.

If you read the Gen Con Wrap-Up report, you know I ran a big “Masters Game” at Gen Con…was an absolute blast. Basically 12 ships on a side (every extent Ship Card I’ve got; both official and those I’ve not yet released but I’ve printed and laminated), and then some fun Captain’s Manual rules.

First, I decided there’s absolutely no reason you guys shouldn’t be able to play out that Masters Game, so here’s the PDF of the rules I used (for those that actually played at Gen Con, you might notice a slight tweak here or there from your rules set…learned from the Gen Con experience, but it’s 95% the same). Obviously running that many ships may be a little difficult…but even a smaller game with these additional rules can be fun.

Just note, once you’ve played with the Expanded Ship Repairs, you may never be able to go back…

Second, for those in the Seattle Area, as I previously noted, I’m excited to be running monthly in-store games of Leviathans once more. I’ll be running from noon to 5:30ish tomorrow at the Wishes store in the Everett Mall (check out their Facebook page). In fact, I’ll be running the rules above with as many ships and maps as I can fit on the tables there.

So I hope you can come on by and jump into a nice, big game…if you’ve only got an hour, no worries…just stop by and you can slide in an out of the game as your able.

See ya next duty shift.