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Gen Con 2015 Event Catalog Now Live

So I got a little push-back from people who said that if you spend most of your time in the Vendor Hall at Gen Con, then you've missed most of the show. And I certainly don't fully disagree with them. The Vendor Hall is just one room (albeit a very big room). And while I still consider it the "beating heart" of the show, there's certainly much more to be seen. A major draw for many people are the events. Well, you can now check out what gaming events will be at the show, as Gen Con has posted the Events Catalog on their website.

Registration will open at Noon this coming Sunday (the 17th). Want to make sure you get in to the events you want? You should make a Wish List. To do so, first you have to have a badge for the show. You won't be able to make a List without a Badge. So just sign in with your account on the Gen Con site and search for your events. You can do this via traditional web searches, the event catalog (which only updates every 6 months), and their all new Event Finder on their website.

Then, on Sunday, just submit your Wish List. That way, you can have all your event registrations submitted in one pack. Attendees will then be placed in their events based on the time that their Wish List was submitted. Note: They expect upwards of an hour delay in sending out reply e-mails to submitted Wish Lists, considering the amount they expect to be submitted.