Geheimkrieg PDF released by Wessex Games

Geheimkrieg.jpgWessex Games have released their Geheimkrieg Weird WWII rules as a PDF.

From their announcement:
Wessex Games have released Geheimkrieg in PDF format via Wargame Vault.

Geheimkrieg is a set of dark science WW2 wargames rules, for 20mm to 40mm scale miniatures, that will allow you to recreate the hidden battles between the Nazi’s Abteilung 848 and the highly secret organisations the Allies created to defeat them.

Geheimkrieg also contains, revealed for the first time, the shocking true suppressed history of the Second World War, kept secret from the public by the victors themselves.

Geheimkrieg costs £7.50 and is available exclusively from Wargame Vault.