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Geeks Against Humanity Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Geeks. Nerds. Dweebs. We go by lots of names.
And while each of us embraces this lifestyle in our own ways, we generally, to some extent, realize it's just a bit silly. As such, we can make fun of ourselves and our fascination with toy soldiers and board games. It's just that sort of thing that Geeks Against Humanity taps into. It's a party card game up on Kickstarter now.

It'd tell you how to play Geeks Against Humanity, but I have a feeling you already know how it works. But instead of cards focusing on certain things in life, all these cards have to deal with our... well... more-geeky aspects of humanity. RPGs, Anime, Video Games, CCGs, and all that sort of stuff.

The campaign's up on Kickstarter now. They've made it past their funding goal (by more than 7x at this point) and are working on stretch goals. The campaign's set to last another 23 days.