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Geek Native interviews On the Lamb about Endless Fantasy Tactics

Geek Native had themselves a chat with Matt from On the Lamb Games about what's happening with Endless Fantasy Tactics. They've also got some new artwork they're showing off for some new characters for the game. Go see why you should pick up EFT in the new year.


From the post:

It’s a brand new year and therefore a perfect time to pick up and try a new game. Right?

Ah, it’s not so easy. It can be hard to persuade gamers to try something new and this is especially the case if the group is happy with the current game. Thankfully DriveThruRPG does something cool. At the start of the year the site opens the “New Year, New Game sale“. This is chance to save 15% off some 200 RPGs and games.

One of the new games in the sale is On the Lamb’s Endless: Fantasy Tactics.

You can buy the rulebook for Endless: Fantasy Tactics for just $8.46 in the sale for the next few days. You can also grab the book in softcover and hardcover.