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Geek Nation Tours releases 2012 England Tour

Geek Nation Tours releases their 2012 England Tour.

From their website:

Geek Nation Tours Releases 2012 England Tour

Every two years Geek Nation Tours travels across the Atlantic to one of our favourite geeky destinations – England. This time, because you requested it – we added more Days! more Gaming! more Sites and more Fun....

Every miniature wargaming Geek's dream is to visit one of the birth places of wargaming. If you are a fan of 40K or Fantasy and want to see many of the wargaming sites in the UK while being surrounded by people of like mind - this is the tour for you. You will meet people that are just as enthusiastic about 40K or Fantasy as you are. Our tour participants agree that while not only do you see super cool places and things while on tour - but you also make friends with great people from around the world.

Join us as we visit not only historical sites and museums like – the HMS Belfast, Tower of London, The Imperial War Museum, and Warwick Castle – but also Games Day UK and Warhammer World. Have a drink and a meal at a local pub in Nottingham and maybe even meet a wargame celebrity or two. Throw down some dice with a favourite podcaster at Maelstrom games as UK gamers take on the world.

Geek Nation Tours is happy to announce that Kyle from 40K Radio will be joining us on our tour. Kyle is a huge fan of both 40K and of GW and will be a big part of all the fun on the tour. Further we will be joined by some of the crew from The Overlords and the crew from 40KUK podcasts at our Maelstrom mini tournament.

Tour date are September 18th to 28th

We have both pricing that includes the air cost and prices that include only the tour. These options allow you to fly from any origin city around the world and join the tour.

Don't have a friend to get the double occupancy rate? That is what Geek Nation Tours does. Book as a double occupancy and we will match you up a roommate... This way you get the best of both worlds - someone to BS about the con with - and more cash to spend!

Promotions! Yes we are doing our “Titanic” draw on this trip to England also... Visit our site for more details

Visit for more details or email Full tour details can be seen at: