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Geek Nation Tours heads to The Wild West Shoot Out

Geek Nation Tours is heading off to their next convention.

From their announcement:

Geek Nation Tours is proud to offer you our “Wild West Shoot Out” Tour. We will be working closely with Battlefoam on this one and are happy to be able to offer all tabletop gamers a tonne of gaming options. We will be pushing the theme as far as it will go. We will offer up some guns to fire, some poker to play, a trip to the desert and even a meander into Battlefoam’s Saloon. We will have a whole list of gaming options for you - covering a whole range of rule systems. So join us in the old west for a real shoot out….Draw!

Day 1 (Wednesday January 4th) Today is arrival day. We will meet everyone at the airport and get them to the hotel. Once there we will have a free day of gaming and exploring the area on your own. In the evening we will head over to Battlefoam to have a tour of the facility. After our short tour we will have our traditional “How to Get the Best Out of Your Wild West Shoot Out” dinner at the Battlefoam Saloon. We will have some guest speakers and you can dig your claws into Romeo… (no live ammo though please). After dinner we will have the Battlefoam “Saloon” all to ourselves and there will be free gaming and beer until we hear the coyotes cry (or until Romeo does).

Day 2 (Thursday January 5th) Today we are off to the firing range. We have arranged for you to shoot off some real gunz today and live ammo action should be abundant! So sign the waiver and let’s go shoot some Zombies (Zombie Targets included….).

After our time at the range we will see the famous Apache Trail by Jeep and head off-road into the desert. We will explore some of the most awe inspiring rugged scenery the desert has to offer. We will see the Superstition Mountains, Bulldog Canyon, and Tonto National Forest. You will even see some cacti and tumble weeds and maybe even get some ideas for some terrain. Make sure you bring your hat - the tour is 6 hours long...

After returning from the hotel we will go to a local restaurant for dinner and then head off to a local bar for some drinks. We will have fun for those that want to just stay back at the hotel however...We should be able to find some pre-Wild West Shoot Out terrain for you to game with...

Day 3 (Friday January 6th)

Today we will register for the event, pick-up our badges (VIP badges are included in the price of the package btw) and start the tourni. We can do this with ease as we will be staying right at the hotel that the event takes place in. Roll out of bed, put your holster on, eat your free breakfast, and you will be good to go. You will be free to come and go as you please over the next few days but Teras will always be there if you have any questions.

Each night we will meet for dinner and to regale our experiences, compare our standings, share our tactics or talk about our “war stories”. Past tour participants agree that our meet-ups are an important part of the convention experience – a time where you can get to know other Geeks and maybe hear a great suggestion or two on what to do the following days. You can join us every night or you can do your own thing. Geek Nation Tours wants you to have the most freedom to “Geek Out” as possible so our meetings will be completely optional. With this said I am sure most of us will be up for a beer or two...

Day 4 & 5 (Saturday & Sunday January 7th & 8th)

Game to your heart’s content. Again Teras will be planning come and pay as you go evenings for everyone. Join us for dinner or whatever other trouble we are getting into. Pick-up games will happen each night for those that would like to roll some more bones…But remember that Saturday night is the Freeboota Poker Challenge and as tour participants we will be right there playing. Don’t worry though if Poker is not for you – I am sure we can find some wargaming tables to play on....

Day 6 (Monday January 9th)

Today we will return to the airport and travel home…

Book soon and we will promise not to lose you in the desert