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Geek Nation Tours booking for Gen Con Indy Tour

Geek Nation Tours has started booking for this year's Gen Con Indy tour. This year's theme is Giant Monster Kaiju Games and will include playing King of Tokyo and King of New York with the Iello crew, hanging out with the Kentucky Fried Gamers, and meeting other gaming industry professionals and celebrities. Space is limited, so book your spot now.


From the announcement:

After a hugely successful tour in 2014 Geek Nation Tours is headed back to one of the largest and most prestigious gaming conventions in the world. That’s right – we are headed to Gen Con Indianapolis 2015! Gen Con has a long history of offering the very best in gaming conventions. Dive into every type of gaming imaginable - roleplaying games, card games, boardgames, tabletop games and computer games, just to mention just a few. They have even had Geek Speed Dating and a marathon..... Game to your heart’s content with old friends and the new ones you will meet.

Want to do some shopping or see what’s new in the gaming world? Are you interested in finding out about all the upcoming releases for the next year? Perhaps you would like to mingle with celebrities from the gaming world and see what they are working on. Maybe you want to pit your gaming skills against the best in the world or perhaps try out a few games that you have always wondered about. Gen Con is the best place in the world to do all these things. There will also be plenty of time to get some photos with cool Cosplay people or even wear a costume yourself!

Geek Nation Tours always makes sure there is plenty to do prior to Gen Con proper and 2015 will be no exception as we will continue to offer exclusive gaming opportunities. Each year our tour participants get to game with the people that design, develop and produce the games they love. This year our theme will be Giant Monster Kaiju games! So first off we will be playing the now classic game King of Tokyo and one of iello’s last year big releases - King of New York. As a matter of fact the iello crew will be right there teaching us the game and rolling dice with us! They will even be there for our Welcome Dinner!

The Kentucky Fried Gamers crew will be a large part of our “Kaiju” extravaganza and as a matter of fact we will be joining them and their membership for much of the time while we are at Gen Con. If you ever wanted to be a part of the Gen Con community this is your chance! You are sure to leave the tour with new gaming friends from all around the world. And if all goes well we will be joining the KFG crew on a Pub Hop Tuesday night. This way you can “have a few” with members of the Gen Con community, game and talk to like-minded people that love games well into the night.
“We want more Kaiju gaming goodness!” you say? Geek Nation Tours is working on two very special events … More soon so visit this site often!

Are you a Gen Con newbie or a veteran? Both will appreciate Geek Nation Tours ability to make the registration process easier for all. While your 4-day Gen Con badge is included in the tour package, you will still have to register for events. To that end, we will be arranging two pre-registration conference calls via Skype to help expedite the registration process and to help everyone choose the events they want. Are you slightly overwhelmed by the registration procedure? Not sure what to register for when the cart opens? Worried that you might be missing the very best in seminars or gaming opportunities? Let Geek Nation Tours ease your mind. We will be joined by the D6 Generation crew for our Pre-Registration Conference calls, which will take place in the spring of 2015. Even before we arrive in Indianapolis, Geek Nation Tours will endeavor to make the Gen Con experience exceptional…

We will also be hosting our traditional “Welcome and How to Get the Best out of Your Gen Con” dinner. This year we will be joined by the crew of the D6 Generation Podcast and the Nerdherders (bot Gen Con Veterans). All will give us tips on how to best experience our convention. Further, we are proud to announce that we will be again handing out our Gen Con badges and event tickets! That’s right, no ticket pickup lines and no delivery costs for any items that are pre-registered for by June 15th! We will deliver them right into your eager hands. Our welcome dinners are always informative and loads of fun. They are great for newbies and veterans alike, and you are sure to leave with a smile on your face, a full belly and all the information necessary to get the most out of your Gen Con experience.

Still want more? After many requests Geek Nation Tours will include a meal a night and have super cool special guests and exclusive gaming every single night we are at Gen Con! We will do some more Kaiju theme gaming with Asmodee Games – Terror in Meeple City, spend an evening with Cool Mini or Not and Mantic Games, and even hang out with more of your favorite Podcasting crews.