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Geek Fever Games Relaunches Mars vs. Earth Campaign

Geek Fever Games has regrouped and relaunched a Kickstarter campaign for Mars Vs. Earth, their card game of global defense and dominance.

Mars vs Earth


From the campaign:

The great pivot! This is a relaunch of a Kickstarter campaign we began earlier in the month - based on feedback received and advertising efforts underway, we decided to "pivot" by altering the structure of the campaign in order to significantly lower the available donation tier price points.

In the original campaign, the donation tier price points were prohibitively high due to built in costs for manufacturing and shipping a final version of the game. We quickly learned that the way the tiers were structured did not resonate with the backer community. Since this campaign's primary purpose is to raise money to fund the gorgeous professional artwork we desire for the game, this new Plan B campaign has been designed to raise just the funds we need for the artwork, which will be included in an enhanced Print & Play version of the game. Once the artwork has been finalized we will publish this game through one of the popular Print-On-Demand platforms, such as The Game Crafter, allowing anyone to optionally purchase a fully manufactured version of the game.

Mars vs. Earth has existed as a prototype in Print & Play format since 2012. The image above shows most of the game components with the original prototype artwork. Read on to see how we intend to upgrade this game to an otherworldly new level!