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Geek Fever Games and DPH Studioz Teaming Up

Got some more of that industry news for you. In this instance, it's that Geek Fever Games and DPH Studioz are teaming up.

From the announcement:

Geek Fever Games is proud to announce the acquisition of the game design arm of DPH Studioz, based in Simsbury, CT. Geek Fever owners, Jason Miceli, Matt Plourde, and Tim Mierzejewski are excited to add DPH Studioz owner, Darrin Horbal, as an equal partner to the team. Together, Jason, Matt, Tim, and Darrin will pursue Geek Fever's core mission, "to deliver the most compelling game experiences on this side of the known universe."

This marks Geek Fever’s second acquisition to date, the first being Firepeng Games in 2015. As part of this acquisition, DPH Studioz’s “Guardians of AsunDur,” “Star Guard,“ “Rocket Ship Go,” and the newly released “KhromaZones” have been added to Geek Fever's award winning line of games. Guardians of AsunDur and Star Guard are part of a rich fictional universe, AsunDur, spanning three distinct epochs (Mythic, Rocket, and Cyber Ages), representing a tremendous opportunity for Geek Fever to design for and further develop this world.

This acquisition reinforces Geek Fever's ongoing commitment and dedication to bringing otherworldly tabletop gaming experiences to market. The addition of DPH Studioz’s graphic and game design expertise and intellectual property will increase Geek Fever’s bar of excellence and strengthen their position in the market.