Gears & Guts shows first production Gear Krieg Walker

By tgn_admin
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Jun 15th, 2011

Gears & Guts have posted photos of the first casts of resin 28mm Gear Krieg walker models.

1/56th scale General Early kit in walking mode

From their announcement:

Gears & Guts is happy to show the first new pulls of the 1/56th scale Gear Krieg General Early combat walker from the molds by JTFM. These are the production kit resin components. JTFM has really done a nice job on these. Notice the grab holds and other cast on details. The US General Early will probably hit in early July, followed by the German Valkyrie combat walker kit.

  • PanzerKraken

    I hope the whole walker and vehicle mode thing isn’t an issue with the game especially when it comes to LOS.

  • EasyEight

    What do you mean? In Gear Krieg and the new NUTS War Without End rules a walker may be able to change mode from driving to walking mode. For example, in a NUTS WWE game a US player used driving mode to move rapidly behind cover to flank some Germans, and then transformed to walking mode to stand up from behind cover to attack. Pretty good example of how to use multi-mode combat walkers. I know some people I have talked to about these walkers is that some will model them with either wAlking or driving legs attached and use markers to show what mode they are in, and some guys are planning to use rare earth magnets on the legs to swap them out during a game.

    • PanzerKraken

      I mean are the rules going to use LOS system that would require a person to have swappable legs or multiple models for the different modes, or does it use an abstract or LOS.

  • EasyEight

    These WW2 mech kits can be used more broadly than Gear Krieg, though in Gear Krieg you handle LOS either with swappable legs, a different model, or you can use markers to state what movement mode it is in. That’s up to your gaming preference.