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Gears & Guts Releases 1:56th Scale German "Valkyrie" Combat Walker

Gears & Guts' 1:56th scale Gear Krieg PanzerKampfer V "Valkyrie" combat walker kit is now on sale at the Company B webstore:

From their post:

The German Valkyrie kit includes the combat walker, weapons accessories for both the Valkyrie "ausf B" model with a 20mm cannon and the "ausf C" with a 37mm cannon, as well as legs for both "walking" and "driving" modes so you can model your combat walker the way you want to.

The Valkyrie can be further customized through Weird War decals, stowage kits and crew figures from Company B and Gears & Guts.

Gears & Guts is planning multiple Weird War releases in 2012, including new Japanese, British, Italian and Soviet combat walker kits; weapons packs, crew figures and detail kits; zombies for your PTO games, and more.